Mexico Crime Report

Each month the Secretariado Ejecutivo del Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Pública publishes crime information on its website. downloads and processes the data many times a day —barring frequent malfunctions at the SESNSP website— to create charts of crime rates in Mexico. Note that the number of crimes refer to police reports (carpeta delictiva or averiguación previa) rather than number of victims (except for INEGI homicides), and all the data has been standardized to use 30 day months and the new population estimates from the CONAPO.

Crime information at the Municipio level

Visit the new federal crimes report

You can also download CSV files with the cleaned up crime info


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INEGI homicides in December of 2012 have been adjusted to account for the cutoff date for registering them

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Violent Robberies (excluding car robberies)

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